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WhiteSmoke Writer Executive 2011

A writing enhancement tool

WhiteSmoke Writer Executive is a word processor designed for people writing English as a foreign language. View full description


  • Corrects any text in any program
  • Includes a translator, dictionary, and thesaurus
  • Business-specific text enrichment


  • Corrections are incomplete or wrong
  • Templates are strange
  • Translator offers verbatim, incorrect translations

Not bad

WhiteSmoke Writer Executive is a word processor designed for people writing English as a foreign language.

Offering spelling and grammatical corrections on a sentence-by-sentence basis, WhiteSmoke Writer Executive also includes style suggestions for anything you write, in any program you write with. There are also a wide variety of templates, from application letters to love poems.

During WhiteSmoke Writer Executive's installation, a hot key is set (as default, F2), and when pressed WhiteSmoke Writer Executive swings into action and highlights errors in the text with suggested corrections. The dictionary and thesaurus are good. The former offers translation to several languages, and the latter gives lots of results, though without examples of usage which can be dangerous for the student of English. WhiteSmoke Writer Executive also includes profiles for creative writing, business, legal writing, tech writing and bio-tech, as well as a multi-lingual dictionary. Additionally, there is a translator, but it unfortunately tends to translate sentences verbatim, which makes it even less effective than Google Translate.

WhiteSmoke Writer Executive offered some corrections to non-native texts that were tested, but it was far from comprehensive and missed some important errors. In fact, Microsoft Word is just as good at grammar correction.

The templates offered in WhiteSmoke Writer Executive are mixed. The financial templates are useful, but not great and use some weird vocabulary. There are also love letters, an apology to a brother, cheesy letters to friends, and a wedding anniversary letter, some of which have some bizarre wording and can be downright comical to read. A quick search on the internet will find better, free examples.

The idea of a language checker available at the touch of a button is a good one, but WhiteSmoke Writer Executive results are still relatively weak in this 2011 version.

It's difficult to recommend WhiteSmoke Writer Executive, as any word processor will do corrections just as well.

WhiteSmoke Writer Executive


WhiteSmoke Writer Executive 2011

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